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Are you a public speaker who wants to engage your audience?

If so, then this article is for you! We will be discussing different strategies that can help increase the interest of your listeners.

Some of these include using vivid imagery and avoiding cliche.

A lot of people have trouble with public speaking because they are afraid to stand up in front of an audience.

However, there are various techniques that can help make it easier on the speaker and their listeners.

One such technique is called storytelling.


Be A Great Storyteller

This strategy involves telling a story instead of giving a speech or lecture.

The idea behind this strategy is to draw attention away from yourself as the person doing the talking, and onto what you’re actually saying about something else – namely, whatever topic you’re speaking about.

Some other techniques include using vivid imagery, and avoiding cliche.

This article is for public speakers who want to engag

e their audience with a more interesting speech.

There are various strategies that can help make it easier on the speaker and listeners alike.

One such strategy involves telling an engaging story instead of giving a lecture or speech, which helps draw attention away from yourse

lf as the person doing all the talking.

Other strategies include using vivid imagery in your presentation (instead of just reading text) and avoiding cliches at all costs.

Keep these tips in mind when you give your next talk! We hope this information was useful to you – feel free to share it if so!

The purpose of storytelling during presentations.


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