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The opening sentence of a speech is an extremely important part.

It sets the tone and creates the expectations for what will happen next.

 One way to create high anticipation is by using unfamiliar words.

That have been repeated many times before.

If you’re not sure where to start, here’s a list of some words .

That could help make your next speech more exciting -asperity, adversity, difficulty, severity -sublime: awe-inspiring.

Of the highest quality or most perfect kind -aesthetic: artistic and concerned with beauty as a criterion for judging artworks’ value.

 It also can refer to an individual’s sense of what is beautiful.


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That go into someone’s appreciation of any given artwork.

But some common themes are present across all definitions.

Namely that aesthetics deals with perceptions or feelings about matters.

Such as color, form, balance and composition (which may not have anything explicitly to do with physical objects.


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