The society is productive inefficient when, there are too many people who take up more space than they need.

They take the resources that other people require to thrive and use them selfishly for their own ends without considering how it would affect anyone else in the world.

In order to decrease these inefficiencies, we should reconsider our goals and make sure that we’re using all of the resources available for what will benefit everyone.

Step One: Eliminate all the inefficiencies

 that stem directly from a lack of planning.

Stage two would include reducing what is considered as “waste”.


What Makes Societies Happier? | SPSP

To only things that are necessary for survival, so there’s less competition over resources and more shared productivity.

Stage three should be about questioning why we think it’s okay for people who don’t need anything to take up space or use up other people’s time.

Because they’re not contributing much at all while taking an excessive amount of our attention when really no one cares what they have to say.

The final step involves implementing systems-based incentives into society.

Which will encourage everyone to work together since this system is based on each person benefitting themselves first by working with others.


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