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Shin splints is a common injury that affects runners and athletes. It can be prevented by following the below guidelines:

1. Strengthen your lower leg muscles with exercises like squats, calf raises or stair climbing

2. Wear proper shoes for running or weightlifting to support your feet

3. Stretch before and after exercising You can also try doing the below exercises to relieve shin splints: –

Try holding your foot at a 90 degree angle and extend it up as far as you can, then release. Repeat on other leg.

This exercise will improve blood flow in the legs .

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Lie flat with both feet pointed towards each other and hold for two minutes Watch this video to learn more about Shin Splint Therapy!

Place one hand under armpit of opposite arm hinge away from side that hurts until stretch is felt.

Return slowly without arching back or rotating body too much -repeat three times with same arm before switching sides.

Alternatively, use an ice pack wrapped in cloth outside lower calf muscles for 15 minutes every hour while resting.


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