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As the end of the semester approaches, students are scrambling to find textbooks for their classes.

The problem is that there are not enough books available on campus or online at a reasonable price.

Students can either try and purchase used textbooks, wait.

Tntil they get back from spring break and hope that more will be in stock by then, or buy an expensive new textbook.

This shortage creates an opportunity for alternate solutions to come into play.

A couple of possibilities are renting textbooks or downloading them for a small fee.

Both options have their pros and cons, but the customer is able to avoid being stuck with expensive books they may not need after college.

Some professors also offer free copies of required texts on their websites or through email attachments.

This could be an option for students who have access to computers at home .

As well as those who can bring laptops to class.

Finally, some schools provide open classrooms where professors share slides.

Materials electronically with students in order to cut down on paper waste from printing out stacks of handouts.

This solution might work best for people without reliable internet connections because it eliminates the need to download anything and requires no additional fees either way.



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