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What do you get when a scientist helps his colleague do a better experiment?

A coddled Dr. “Tom”. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of scientific collaboration and how it can help create more accurate experiments. ..

An experiment is a scientific investigation that tests the viability of one or more specific hypotheses.

When you do an experiment?

iI’s crucial to have a hypothesis and then try to disprove your own theory.

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If there are no other possible explanations for what happened in the experiment, then your hypothesis was right!

The goal is not proving yourself correct; it’s about exploring different perspectives so everyone can learn something new.

However, sometimes people jump straight into experiments without thinking much beforehand, which leads them down some blind alleys.

That’s where things get coddled-if they’re lucky enough to survive at all! As Dr., “Tom” found out when he helped his colleague with her work.


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