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“What is your favorite color?”

The voice was quiet, barely audible over the sound of the waves.

The girl had been looking at him with a small frown for quite some time now and he just couldn’t resist anymore.

“It’s orange,” He replied, hoping that she would smile again.

She did not disappoint; her lips quirked into an amused grin as she watched his face go pink in embarrassment.

Moody turned away from the ocean view to give her his full attention once more.

“Well my name is Candice Cane but I prefer being called Candy or Candy-Cane.

” She said cheerfully before continuing on with her questions without missing a beat.

“How about you? What do people usually call you?”

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“Moody,” He said, watching her as she nodded in understanding.

He was a little taken aback when he realized that this girl still had not introduced herself yet.

For some reason it made him uncomfortable to think about addressing her without knowing what her name was.

She cocked her head at his less-than-polite reply before finally speaking up again.

“I’m sorry but I don’t believe we’ve been properly introduced.”

She stuck out one hand with an amicable smile on her face, looking more like she wanted to be friends than anything else.

Moody took the proffered hand hesitantly but couldn’t help feeling relieved all the same. “My name is Candy Cane .


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