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My name is __, and I’m a returner.

It wasn’t until after the second time that I came back to this world that I realized how hard it was going to be.


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You see, each of us has our own story about why we came here in the first place.

For me, it was because my wife passed away before she could give birth to our child.

For another person it might have been something as simple as getting lost on her way home from work one day.

We all have our own reasons, but the one commonality is that we all want to return home.

This was a hard realization, because I had been so focused on my own pain.

My wife and child were gone forever, but the people who came to this land from other worlds still wanted their families back.

So there I am in the middle of this weird world with no one left for me here; it’s not like anyone else could be what they once were either.

It didn’t help that sometimes when things went wrong or you couldn’t find something you needed people would blame everything on us returners instead of looking at themselves first.

Which is always how these sorts of stories go anyway if anyone bothers to write them down.

People became angry and frustrated, some even thought we should all just leave after a while.


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