senior citizens, senior man, senior woman @ Pixabay

“I’m not a magician,” the Returner says.

“I just know how to get more out of what I already have.”

The Returner knows that magic is about giving.

He’s always been good at sharing his secrets with others.

senior citizens, senior man, senior woman @ Pixabay

But in this world where everything seems to be disappearing faster than it can be created, does anything really last?

The Returner lives for moments like these when he can make someone else feel as special as they are.

There’s no greater magic than making someone else feel as loved and valued as they are.

The Returner knows a little bit about how to make that happen, but he also believes in learning it from others too.

“I want people to be able to share their secrets with me,” the Returner says, “because I’m not just one person.”

The only way for him to learn is to turn his power into something more powerful:

An exchange of knowledge between all of us who believe in returning what we’ve been given and that means everyone. 


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