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There are many questions that we ask ourselves in life. Some of these questions can only be answered from a new perspective.

In this blog post, I’ll show you how to answer the question “what is my purpose?” by looking at it from a new angle.

To answer the question “what is my purpose?”

You need to first identify what it means for something or someone to be powerful. When we think about power, we often relate this word with success in life.

For example, people might ask themselves: what should I do if I want a successful life?

What career should I choose so that one day I’ll have money and happiness?


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And yet there are many other ways of being powerful without having success on your side.

There are many reasons why an individual can lack financial stability or find joy while living their everyday lives, even though they may not always feel happy or satisfied with their accomplishments.

When we ask ourselves “What’s my Purpose?”, then our perspectives change.


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