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This blog post is about when it’s time to stop production on a product line.

We will cover the benefits and disadvantages of continuing or stopping production for any given product line.

We’ll also discuss how to decide if you should continue producing one more year, or if it’s time to move on from your current product line.

Please write numbers or bullet points. These are the guidelines for writing a post.

Introduce and describe what your blog is about – Write at least one sentence about any tips, tricks, hacks to get the most out of that topic (optional) .

Provide an example from your life or professional experience related to that topic.

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The more detailed it is, the better! Show me how you live this idea every day in real life.

If things have been going wrong lately, talk about why they’re not working anymore instead of just saying “things aren’t going well.”

It’s important we understand where you’re coming from so we can come up with something together to fix it. 


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