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Are you feeling hopeless?

If so, the personality type that is most likely to describe you is an introvert.

Introverts can be described as people who suppress anger and feel hopeless.

They are also people who withdraw from social interactions more than they need to.

But there are other personality types that have these same characteristics like extroverts!

There is an interesting study that has been done on the psychology of introverts.

It says that introverts who are feeling hopeless have a craving for social interactions but they feel compelled to withdraw from them.

Because it feels like too much work and there’s not enough energy.

Introvert personality types also suppress anger, which as we know can be exhausting.

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Suppressing anger can make you feel sad or guilty or anxious when you’re around people if you don’t express yourself appropriately in society.

This means that extroverts might experience these same feelings of suppression and withdrawal from social situations under certain circumstances.

Where they need more time to recharge their batteries, so this article is really helpful for both parties!



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