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Many people have trouble remembering what they were doing or saying a few minutes ago.

But for some, this is more than just an occasional occurrence; it’s practically routine.

If you find yourself forgetting how to start sentences when you’re speaking or writing, then there may be something wrong with your memory.

A person who routinely forgets how he began a long sentence may be suffering from word salad amnesia.

Sentence: Word Salad Amnesia affects more people than you might expect.

remembering, recall, remember @ Pixabay

It’s a type of memory disorder that causes sufferers to forget the beginning of sentences and strings of words in general.

For example, if someone with word salad amnesia were to say “I was walking on my way home from work today,”.

They may not know what comes next or be able to remember it for long after being prompted.

They would have no trouble recalling events prior to this sentence but everything during and following it becomes confusing.

As we grow older, our brain cells become damaged as well as diminished due to old age.

Consequently creating conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease which has been linked back by science for decades now through studies analyzing.


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