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If you have been experiencing restless legs syndrome, or RLS, for a while now- there’s no need to worry.

You’re not alone. According to the National Sleep Foundation, at least 25% of people worldwide will experience this condition during their lifetime.

1.RLS is often described as a tingling sensation in the legs that can make it difficult to sit still and feel comfortable in one place; symptoms vary from person to person.

2. In addition, if left untreated this disorder can be linked with other conditions such as iron deficiency.

3 sleep apnea.

4. Usually, the condition is a result of some underlying medical issue- it may be related to medication that you are taking or an infection.

There are also cases where RLS can be hereditary and passed down from one generation to another through genes.

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However this type of genetic mutation is rarer than those described above.

The symptoms usually come on during periods when you’re resting in bed.

Particularly at night when your body should finally relax for the long hours before waking up.

These moments cause feelings of irritation as well as discomfort which can lead to sleep deprivation if left untreated.

It’s important that anyone who suspects they have restless legs syndrome consult their doctor immediately so they receive adequate treatment options!


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