It may seem like a small thing to the untrained eye, but your home is as much an extension of you as anything else. It reflects your personality and lifestyle, and it’s important that everything in it be up to par with who you are on the inside. So what does this have to do with personality? Well, there are five major dimensions which measure people’s personalities: openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism. The higher a person ranks on these five traits will determine how they might best live their lives at home. Agreeable people are those who tend to be friendly and cooperative. They do well living in a home with others, but they have lower tolerance for messiness or clutter – so keep your space tidy! If you’re an agreeable person, it’s best if the kitchen is centrally located so everyone can access its resources easily. For example, try opening up your pantry as much as possible to make food more accessible. This way you won’t need to climb over piles of boxes to find what you’re looking for inside. Given their personality traits, these individuals should live in a maintenance-free (or at least low-maintenance) environment where everything is easy to organize and maintain without feeling overwhelmed by there being too many things going


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