I can’t tell you how many contracts I’ve seen people sign when they’re drunk. It’s a huge mistake, and could end up costing them thousands of dollars in the future. What are some reasons why you should never sign a contract while intoxicated? Read this post to find out! – You will probably not realize if the contract is for a scam or not. It’s difficult to read contracts when you’re intoxicated, and it’ll be hard to research whether it’s legit or not before signing. – The company has legal protections that allow them to take advantage of people who are drunk and can’t make good decisions. They know what they’re doing so don’t get tricked into anything while you’re inebriated! – Your signature may look different than normal due to intoxication which could cause problems at some point down the road. There have been court cases where signatures on contracts weren’t accepted because they were too sloppy from being drunk at the time of signing! You should never sign any kind of contract without


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